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Serial Killers (SK)

The Clan

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Here are some pictures of the Clan Members.


<<<<>Zodiac Killer >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Sam (wife also in picture)
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Hobbies: Golf, Football, Socom
Fav Socom Pastime: Team Killing Anyone
Age: 31


Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Cylie
Hometown: Fairmont, WV
Hobbies: Reading, Webpages, Socom
Fav Socom Pastime: Blowing up Nota
Age: 21
Aim Name: cvdancer69

bp on rock.jpg

Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Brandon
Hometown: Fairmont, WV
Hobbies: 4-wheeling and Socom
Fav Socom Pastime: Running over Bobbit
Age: 22
Aim Name: bpcvdrunk
Msn Name:


<<<<>._Crack_. >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Cody
Hometown: Alberta, Canada
Hobbies: Madden, Socom
Fav Socom Pastime: Laughing at Nota's crappy mine placement
Age: 18




<<<<>S-E-V-E-N >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Shawn
Hometown: Detroit, MI Go Pistons!!!!
Age: 31
Hobbies: socom, football, basketball, real estate


<<<<>HADDEN-CLARK >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Matt
Hometown: Hutchinson, MN
Age: 22


<<<<>EATSHIT >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Gio (grandfather also in picture)
Hometown: Miami, Fl


<<<<>saychesse >>>>
Real Name: Gene
Rank: Ensign
( he is the one in the middle )


<<<<>SlayOne >>>>
Real Name: Randy
Hometown: Cincinnati
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Camping, and Fishin
Age: 27
Favorite Socom Pastime: Being Impatient


<<<<>Jack-Da-Rippa >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Anthony S.
Hometown: Atlantic City
Hobbies: Football, Socom, gambling, and testing out rifles
Fav Socom Pastime: Extracting hostages for the wrong team lol remeber that Zodiac.
Age: 18
Msn Name:


<<<<>Night Stalker >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Bruce (wife's name is Teresa, also in picture)
Hometown: Pooler, Georgia
Age: 30


Rank: Ensign ( Clan Leader )
Real Name: Linda
Hometown: Hutchinson, MN
Age: 23


<<<<>ED-GEIN >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Mat (wife is Melissa, also in picture)
Hometown: Meeker, CO
Hobbies: Golf, Nito Powered R/C, and of course Socom
Age: 36


<<<<>kelger04 >>>>
Real Name:  Patrick
Fav Socom Pastime:


<<<<>BONEDADDY- >>>>


<<<<>pistolpete7 >>>>
Rank: Ensign
Real Name: Pete

More pictures to come as I receive them....

Please be advised that the names and or people described in this web page are not the real serial killers, they are only screen names of people on a game called Socom.
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