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Serial Killers (SK)

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This web page is for all Socom Lovers, and dedicated to the clan Serial Killers


Members of the Clan.....

  • DAVID-BERKOWITZ ( leader of 2nd Roster )
  • Firehawk
  • LIZZIE-BORDEN (The Leader)
  • ArDiddy9
  • SGC-Kumpel
  • Z71_Offroad
  • S-E-V-E-N
  • kelger04
  • ...WOLVERINE...
  • Mickey-Knox
  • ._Crack_.
  • Phase0076
  • hannibal-lector
  • saycheese
  • hommiefheclown
  • Gary-Ridgeway
  • warrior7234
  • U-Stu_Pidasso
  • Pisstest
  • John.W.Gacy
  • pistolpete7
  • Night.Walker
  • SlayOne
  • Kybblez
  • Omegar3d
  • DocXHolliday
  • 2tokens
  • lilspyke
  • Belle-Gunness


                              New Members:

                              Here will be the posting of new members and new information.


                              3/31/06 - SlayOne's Picture is Now up!! and soon to come is the pics from Lizzie's visit to Bobbits House!!!!!

                              2/25/06 - Ok, Seven's Picture and information is now up!! ( sorry it took so long seven) and also cracks two cute dogs are now on our pets page. . Last but not least i have been getting alot of feedback about the gathering so, so far it look like the seond week in august  but that can all change so, for all of you who havent replied please do! thanks!

                              2/25/06 - Roster has been updated!!! New pic of Bobbit is up and also a pic of bobbit and berk at universal is on friends  page.

                              1/23/06 -  New Web Page Debut!!!!!! the old web page will be taken off in a few weeks so be sure to let everyone know.!!!

                              1/23/06 -  Everyone check out the Gathering.

                              1/23/06 - Saycheese's pic is now up and so is the pic of his dog.

                              1/09/06 - F-R Clan webpage site is under our Fav links...


                              SK Shit List

                              Please be advised that the names and or people described in this web page are not the real serial killers, they are only screen names of people on a game called Socom.
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